1. Be nice.
  2. We want to make sure everyone feels welcome and safe to our hackathon and will take action against any violation of this.

  3. Don't feel afraid to ask questions.
  4. We want to make sure that everyone learns and benefits from this hackathon. The best way to do so is taking that step and asking our many active mentors on our Discord. We are happy to help!

  5. Please remember that there will be NO monetary prizes for international students outside of the United States.
  6. Unfortunately, due to the difference in payments and net of logistics to transfer money/physical prizes to other countries, it has been a legal and financial hassle that we will not be able to overcome. However, we will try to provide software prizes to encourage those internationally who want to compete. Also, remember that it isn't only about prizes!

  7. Remember to submit through Devpost with the appropriate information required.
  8. As of 6/21, the Devpost is not setup. However, we will update the site with more information later and send out an email to those who have already signed up.


The theme is secret. However, just know that the Helyx motto is "Bioinformatics for All". Hopefully, that gives you a clue about the theme 😉.